Resolution 2008-51 Resolution to Adopt Procedures for Awarding Community Services
Resolution 2008-51
Resolution to Adopt Procedures for Awarding
Community Services Grants
WHEREAS, many Monroe County citizens selflessly donate their time, effort
and skills through various social and community organizations in order to improve the
quality of life throughout Monroe County and beyond; and
WHEREAS, the Monroe County Council wishes to support and encourage the
work and goals of private social and community organizations; and
WHEREAS, the Monroe County Council has taken over from the Monroe
County Commissioners the responsibilities of granting dollar support to social agencies,
and has established a budget line titled “Community Services” in recognition of the allencompassing
purpose of the support programs the County Council wishes to support;
WHEREAS, the County Council understands that Community Services funding
has been, and is, discretionary funding in the spirit of good governance through fair and
empathetic recognition of those vulnerable in our community; and
WHEREAS, the County Council recognizes that the Community Services
funding line is entirely separate from those funding lines which we have established
because of statutory requirement and/or dedicated levies, including those for Options,
Inc., Stonebelt ARC, local mental health services, Juvenile Justice, etc.; and
WHEREAS, the Community Services line is not to be confused with the grants
nearly every County Government Department utilizes and proactively seeks for their
missions and operations; and
WHEREAS, the Community Services Grant Award Process is a reflection of the
Monroe County Citizens’ and taxpayers values and priorities, reflecting their recognition
of the neediest in our community, and the innovation of those who serve the needy,
through the fair representation of the citizenry through their County Council officials,
comprised of district and at-large members; to that end, transparency of the governmental
process will guarantee fairness and demonstrate how frugally, prudently, and wisely the
monies are managed; and
WHEREAS, the outreach to Community Service partners by Monroe County
Government’s County Council will adhere to the best practices of working with local
corporate, independent and volunteer-based and operated media outlets; and
WHEREAS, Monroe County Council will implement best practices in providing
all histories and information about Community Services funding awards and application
process online and in hard copy available to all citizens;
Resolution 2008-51 Resolution to Adopt Procedures for Awarding Community Services
NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that:
1. The Monroe County Council shall focus on the following areas when considering
grants from its Community Services Fund:
A. Food, Security, Shelter and Health
B. Transportation
C. Climate Change
D. Emergency Shortages
E. First Responders
F. Veterans
G. Excellence in Government
2. The President of the Monroe County Council shall appoint a Review Committee
of five (5) persons to review grant applications and make recommendations to the
County Council for awarding grants. Three (3) members of the committee shall
be members of the Monroe County Council; two (2) additional members shall be
drawn from the community at large, based on experience or expertise in
community services.
3. The Review Committee shall focus on the following criteria when reviewing
grant applications:
A. Programs must primarily serve Monroe County residents.
B. Likelihood of success of the proposal (i.e., will the dollar amounts sought
likely accomplish the professed goal of the proposal?).
C. Partnership or leverage—whether the funds will serve to bring other partners
or funding to the project?
D. Operational expenses such as travel, conference costs, ongoing supply or
expense costs, maintenance costs, etc., shall be given low priority in award
decisions, but shall not be necessarily excluded from consideration.
4. In development of actual application forms, agreements and other documentation,
the excellent work of the City of Bloomington’s Jack Hopkins Fund shall be used
as guidelines.
5. The County Council shall encourage transparency throughout the acceptance,
review and award of applications. In addition to maintaining hard copies of all
application information, timeline and deadline information, historical and fiscal
information regarding the funding, all such information shall also be available to
the public through the County’s website.
Adopted this ____________ day of September, 2008.
Resolution 2008-51 Resolution to Adopt Procedures for Awarding Community Services
__________________________________ ______________________________
Vic Kelson, President Vic Kelson, President
__________________________________ ______________________________
Michael Woods, Vice President Michael Woods, Vic e President
__________________________________ ______________________________
Sophia Travis, Member Sophia Travis, Member
__________________________________ ______________________________
Marty Hawk, Member Marty Hawk, Member
__________________________________ ______________________________
Jill S. Lesh, Member Jill S. Lesh, Member
__________________________________ ______________________________
Warren Henegar, Member Warren Henegar, Member
__________________________________ ______________________________
Charles Newmann, Member Charles Newmann, Member
Sandra M. Newmann, Monroe County Auditor