Notice of Public Hearing
The Monroe County Plan Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 6:00 PM, in Courthouse Meeting Room 315, Bloomington, Ind., to consider the following agenda items and requests regarding the following described properties in Monroe County, Ind.:
CALL TO ORDER ROLL CALL INTRODUCTION OF EVIDENCE APPROVAL OF AGENDA APPROVAL OF MINUTES October 29, 2009 Plan Commission Minutes (Continued Meeting from October 20, 2009) November 17, 2009 Plan Commission Minutes December 15, 2009 Plan Commission Minutes
OLD BUSINESS: 1. 0909-SVA-09
NEW BUSINESS: 1. 2. 3. 0909-PUO-05
4. 0910-PUO-06 5. 0911-SMN-17
Freeman Fields Phase I Amendment 1. Preliminary Plat Amendment. 3 lots on 10 acres located at 8672 S. Strain Ridge Rd. Clear Creek Township, Section 16. Zoned AG/RR ECO AREA 3.
2009 Comprehensive Plan discussion.
Oath of Office
Committee Appointments
Blackhawk II Rezone/PUD Outline Plan. 2 lots on 8 acres. The property is located in Salt Creek Township, Section 20, located at 4303 and 4305 S SR 446 and 6902 Pine Grove Road. Zoned PB and CR with ECO Area 3.
W.C. Dowdy Rezone/PUD Outline Plan. 1 lot on 1.66 acres. Located in Van Buren Township, Section 2, located at 5553 West State Road 48. Zoned RE 1. Ernst Minor Subdivision. 2 lots on 21.01 acres. Located at 7821 S. Zikes Rd. Clear Creek Township, Section 6&19. Zoned AG/RR CONTINUED BY PETITIONER
PUBLIC COMMENT REPORTS: 1. Planning: Gregg Zody - Annual Work Program Presentation
2. County Attorney: David Schilling
Said hearing will be held in accordance with the provisions of: IC 36-7-4-100 et seq.; & the County Code, Zoning Ordinance, and the Rules of the Plan Commission of Monroe County, Ind. All persons affected by said proposals may be heard at this time, & the hearing may be continued as necessary. - The Monroe County Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.