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P. 10
AUDITOR, Amy Gerstman Financial Update
COMMISSIONERS, Jeff Cockerill A. Creation of New Position for County Administrator
This requests creation of a new position and job description for County Administrator. This was approved by PAC and recommended by WIS.
B. Request for Approval of Creation of New Budget Line 0101-068 County General-Commissioners 30.0001 Timber Sales Distribution
This line is needed in order to appropriate and distribute timber sales monies.
P. 16
C. Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation 0101-068 County General-Commissioners 30.0011 Ambulance $100,000.00
This request is to provide funding support for ambulance services provided by Bloomington Hospital. At the budget hearings, the commissioners had requested this item be removed from the budget at that time. The Commissioners indicated that they would likely request appropriations for this once the picture with the hospital became clear. The $100,000 is the amount the County contributed last year.
D. Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation 0101-068 County General-Commissioners 30.0001 Timber Sales Distribution $ 22,500.00
The voluntary Fire Timber Distribution is based on distributing $2,500 to each of the nine fire districts that are eligible for distribution under state code. The County received $58,260.97 in timber revenue. The $22,500 requested is less than the 50% cap imposed by the State statute. N:\County Council\2010\2 February\Agendas\2-9-10 summary - REV.doc
E. Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation 0620-000 Telecommunications 30.0001 Community Access TV $ 16,000.00
At last year’s budget session, the council expressed the desire to fund CATS at $216,000. However, due to advertising requirements, only $200,000 was appropriated. This additional amount reflects the change.
VII. LEGAL DEPARTMENT, David Schilling A. Request for Approval of Transfer of Funds
From: 0101-000-2103 Attorney Fees – Pro Supps To: 0122-000 Collection Fees/Personal Prop
P. 20
$ 10,133.95 $ 10,133.95
Per the Salary Ordinance, the County and Council attorneys are entitled to receive 10% collection fees and attorney’s fees obtained through collection actions (primarily personal property tax collections) undertaken on behalf of the County. The fees are paid by the debtor in addition to all of the taxes, etc., owed to the County. The County receives 100% of the taxes collected and distributes the taxes to the appropriate units. The fees are deposited until appropriated by the Council for payment to the attorneys, and for payment of the County’s FICA match associated with the payments to the attorneys.
In the past, the fees were deposited into a non-General Fund line named Collection Fees/Personal Prop line. Approximately every three years, or sooner if one of the attorneys decided to leave County employment, the accumulated fees were appropriated for payment, and were divided among the attorneys. For example, appropriations were made in December 2002 ($15,465.57), in October 2004 ($6,681.90), and in June 2007 ($10,340.00).
The collections fee program was established in 1993. The first appropriation was made in 1994. It was unanimously approved by Council members Hamilton, Binkley, Cobine, Henegar, McClung, Richardson, and Smith.
About one year ago, it appears that a new line named Attorney Fees – Pro Sups was created within the General Fund. Attorney fees obtained from collections have since been deposited into that line. We do not know why the Attorney Fees- Pro Sups line was created. We have asked the Auditor to deposit all fees in the Collection Fees fund and to stop depositing attorney fees in the Attorney Fees fund. The Auditor suggested that an expense line be established within the Collections Fees fund.
Pursuant to the Salary Ordinance, and in order to implement the Auditor’s suggestion, we are requesting the Council to approve the following three items, in the following order:
1. transfer the balance of the Attorney Fees – Pro Supps fund ($10,133.95) into the Collections Fees/Personal Prop fund;
2. create a new budget line named Personal Services/Misc. Expense within the Collections Fees/Personal Prop fund; and,
3. appropriate $16,454.32 from the Collections Fees/Personal Prop fund to the Personal Services/Misc. Expense line.
The appropriated amount will be paid out as follows: $15,285.00 to the attorneys; and, $1,169.31 to cover the County’s FICA match.
B. Request for Approval of Creation of New Budget Line 0122-000 Collection Fees/Personal Prop
N:\County Council\2010\2 February\Agendas\2-9-10 summary - REV.doc
30.0025 Personal Services/Misc. Expense
Attorney fees paid by delinquent personal property tax payers are deposited into the collection fees/personal prop. Fund 0122. The fees are in addition to the taxes collected. No tax money is deposited into 0122. The salary ordinance stipulates that the fees shall be paid to the attorneys who collect them. The new line being requested is an expense line, within the 0122 fund, out of which the fees can be paid per the salary ordinance.
C. Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation 0122-000 Collection Fees/Personal Property 30.0025 Personal Services/Misc. Expense $ 16,454.32
Personal property tax collection fees ($15,285.00) from 2007, 2008 & 2009, per salary ordinance. County’s FICA match ($1,169.32) will be drawn from fund at time of claim.
VIII. SHERIFF’S OFFICE, Scott McGlocklin P. 27 A. Request for Approval of Creation of New Budget Line
3800-000 Sheriff Sale Program 40.0001 Equipment
This matter was on the January Council agenda, but was tabled in order for the Sheriff’s Office to appear before the Fleet and Finance Committee, which it has done.
This will create a line to purchase a vehicle for paper service for sheriff sale properties.
B. Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation 3800-000 Sheriff Sale Program 40.0001 Equipment
This is the appropriation to purchase the above-referenced vehicle.
IX. SURVEYOR, Kevin Enright A. Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation
0101-006 Surveyor 11.7601 Longevity
$ 20,000.00
P. 30
$ 400.00
The elected Surveyor and Chief Deputy have completed 5 years of service. Based on the pay rate, the Department is seeking additional appropriation to properly fund the County General (0101) longevity line item.
B. Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation 0116-000 Surveyor Corner Fund 12.7801 Chief Deputy Services 12.7803 Part time field assistant
$ 7,050.00 4,950.00 $ 12,000.00
During the budget process, to help relieve the burden on County General, the department moved personnel funds into the Surveyor Corner fund (0116). Due to deadlines, our budget request was not the same as advertised. The Council made a motion and amended (cut) the bottom line of category 1 (10s) by $12,000 so the request was the same as was advertised. The department was asked to seek additional appropriation to refund salary- based and part-time employees at the beginning of the year.
N:\County Council\2010\2 February\Agendas\2-9-10 summary - REV.doc
X. YOUTH SERVICES BUREAU, Kim Meyer P. 36 Job Reclassification – Office Manager/Bookkeeper
The job reclassification for the office manager/bookkeeper was approved by PAC and is forwarded to Council for consideration.
P. 43
$ 11,265.60 6,121.92 2,877.63 1,391.00 1,608.35 1,330.15 $ 24,594.65
COURTS/PROBATION, Linda Brady A. Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation
0101-225 Unified Courts (Drug Court Enhancement) 10.0101 PO-DC Case Mgr. 10.0128 DTC Field Officer 11.8001 FT Health/Dental/Life
11.8003 FT Unemployment 11.8201 PERF 11.8101 FICA
This $24,594.65 request is to fund the Drug Court Enhancement Project for the last quarter of 2010.
The Indiana Judicial Center (IJC) has selected the Monroe County Drug Treatment Court to serve as a grant partner for a federal Drug Court Enhancement grant being offered through the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). If the Judicial Center is successful in its BJA grant request, $1.3 million dollars in grant funds will be passed through to six (6) Indiana drug courts, $215,000 per drug court for a 36 month grant term. Partner drug courts will be eligible to receive a minimum of $215,000 over 36 months to expand drug court program capacity (slots) and expand services provided to program participants. It is possible that our drug court could receive more than the $215,000; the exact dollar amount of grant Monroe County Drug Court will be applying for should be known prior to the County Council work session on February 2, 2010. Partner drug courts will be required to come up with the requisite match (25%). If this grant is funded by BJA, partner drug courts would be required to be able to start enhancement projects on October 1, 2010 and should be prepared to fund the first quarter of the grant term (last quarter of 2010, October 1, 2010, through December 31, 2010). The grant would officially start 10-1-10, however, the federal government is slow with distributing grant cash; that is why partner drug courts would have to be able to start their enhancement programs 10-1-10 and fund such enhancement program for about three (3) months or so until the actual dollars would flow in. The Indiana Judicial Center must upload the grant February 10, 2010.
The amount requested would be roughly equivalent to one (1) year 25% match funds. An estimated total of $72,000 match fund investment in Drug Treatment Court would bring in $215,000 in federal grant funds over a 36 month period.
B. Request for Salary Ordinance Approval 0101-225 Unified Court
Present Salary 10.0101 PO-DC Case Mgr. -0-
10.0128 DTC Field Officer -0-
Requested Salary $ 11,265.60 $ 6,121.92
N:\County Council\2010\2 February\Agendas\2-9-10 summary - REV.doc
The Request for Salary Ordinance Amendment would enable the Drug Treatment Court to continue to fund the salaries of the Drug Court Case Manager and Drug Court Field Officer positions from 10-1-10 through 12-31-10. Both of these full time positions are currently being funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Justice Assistance Grant (JAG ) which is a 1-year, one-time-only non-renewable grant which expires 9-30-10.
XII. HUMAN RESOURCES, Rhonda Foster P. 46 Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation 0101-067 Human Resources 10.0002 Part time $ 10,000.00
This is for part time staff in the Human Resources department for the year 2010.
• •
• •

• •
RECORDER, Sam Allison Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation 0153-000 County I.D. Security Protection 30.0001 Contractual Services 40.001 Equipment
P. 48
$ 12,000.00 $ 61,079.00
For the last two years, the Recorder’s Office has requested Council appropriation of Fund 0153, County ID Security Protection Fund. This fund is better known as “the redaction fund.” Fund 0153’s designated uses, as per H.E.A. 1114, are the implementation and maintenance of the technology necessary to obscure social security numbers from nearly two million pages available for viewing on the public access computers in the Recorder’s Office.
Fund 0153 took in nearly $45,000 in FY 2009. Expenditures approved by the State Board of Accounts include, but are not limited to: computer screens, software and printers. Personnel expenditures are not approved. House Bill 1114 requires County Council appropriation of this fund. H.E.A. 1114 also sunsets the fund, effective July 1, 2011. More information about this significant transition will become available later in 2010. No impact on General Fund. As of January 20, 2010, this fund’s balance was $73,079.00, per Steve Saulter. Last year’s appropriated amount was $18,000 for contract services, which was higher than necessary. Hence the reduction to $12,000. The remainder is requested in the line item for equipment.
EXTENSION OFFICE, Jeff Holland P. 51 Request for Approval of Additional Appropriation 0101-011 County General/Extension Office 10.7801 Hourly $ 3,500.00
This is a request for an additional appropriation of $3,500 to the Hourly line in the Extension Office to cover Summer Assistants. Each summer the Extension Office hires workers to assist with preparation for the Monroe County Fair. They begin working around June 1 and continue until approximately two weeks following the fair, for wrap-up work. The responsibilities of these workers include: hiring judges, corresponding with judges (in consultation with the Youth Educator), serving as a direct link between 4-H volunteer leaders and the Extension Office during the fair, providing assistance in coordination of the Livestock banquet, providing transport to and from the Indiana State Fairgrounds of projects immediately following the county fair, and other duties as assigned by the County Extension Director and Office Manager.
N:\County Council\2010\2 February\Agendas\2-9-10 summary - REV.doc
Typically these Summer Assistants are former 4-H members who completed their tenure of 4-H through the Monroe County 4-H Program, and are attending some type of institute of higher education. Their employment period generally runs eleven (11) weeks.
N:\County Council\2010\2 February\Agendas\2-9-10 summary - REV.doc