Monroe County Community School Corporation
Regular Meeting, Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Administration Center - 315 E. North Drive, Bloomington
7:00 PM


1. Call to Order
2. Public Dialogue
7:30 p.m. (or earlier if dialogue conversation ends)
3. School Showcase: Lakeview Elementary School - "Lakeview as a Professional Learning Community"
4. For Information: MGT Report of Process for Community Engagement Meetings
5. For Information: "Drop-Out Prevention Program"
6. For Information: Superintendent's Report

7. Consent Agenda
a. Donations, ECA Expenditures and Disposal of Obsolete Library Books
b. Allowance of Claims

8. Contracts
Change Order
Inter-State Studio & Publishing Company and University Elementary
PowerIT for Website Management
Bloomington Hospital Community Health - Safe Routes to School Grant
Monroe County Asset Building Coalition - Alcohol Prevention Grant
Pinnacle School and Alyson Gross - Tutoring
Pinnacle School and Megan Miller - Tutoring
Pinnacle School and Rachel Suekoff - Tutoring
Pinnacle School and William Osmon - Tutoring
Pinnacle School and Sasha Land - Tutoring
Pinnacle School and Sara Epps - Tutoring

9. Personnel
10. Carry-Forward of Unobligated Balances in the Capital Projects Fund
11. Authorize Participation in the Indiana Bond Bank's 2010 Mid-Year Funding Program
12. Declare Out-of-Date Textbooks as Surplus Property and Authorize Disposal
13. Declare Listed Items as Surplus to be Sold at Public Auction
14. Approve Contract Bus Route Extensions
15. Textbook Adoption: Math [Elementary, Middle School and High School]
16. Textbook Adoption: Social Studies - Elementary
17. Textbook Adoption: New Tech High School World Language--Web Access


18. For Information/First Reading: Policies 4180 and 3180 - Light Duty Assignment
19. Information, Proposals or Comments from the Public
20. Committee Reports and Proposals from Board Members
21. Adjournment