Monroe County Community School Corporation
Regular Meeting, Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Administration Center - 315 E. North Drive, Bloomington
7:00 PM

1.Call to Order
2.Faces of Education
3.Recognition of Outgoing Board Members: Valerie C. Merriam & Victoria I. Streiff
4.Recognition of Outgoing Superintendent: Dr. J. T. Coopman
5.Public Dialogue
7:30 p.m. (or earlier if dialogue conversation ends)
6.School Showcase: University Elementary School
7.For Information/Discussion: Energy Education - Drew Wood and John Lampas
8.For Information: Foundation of MCCS - Tina Peterson
9.For Information/Discussion: Superintendent's Report
10.For Information/Discussion: Superintendent Search Process
11.Consent Agenda
a.Minutes of Previous Meetings
Executive Session - November 9, 2010
Work Session - November 9, 2010
Board Meeting - November 9, 2010
Executive Session - November 9, 2010
Executive Session - November 23, 2010
Work Session - November 23, 2010
Board Meeting - November 23, 2010
Work Session - November 30, 2010
b.Donations and ECA Expenditure
BHSS Field Trip Request
c.Financial Report
Financial Report (10/2010)
Expenditure Report - approp Balance (10/2010)
d.Allowance of Claims
Register of Claims for 12/14/2010
Payroll Register of Payrolls for 12/14/2010
Payroll Claim - 11/5/2010
Payroll Claim - 11/12/2010
Payroll Claim - 11/19/2010
Payroll Claim - 11/23/2010
Change Orders for 12/14/2010
Amy Barnhill
InterState Studio
Region 8 adult Education Grant
Susan Levy
13.Resolution Approving Transfers to the Rainy Day Fund
14.Approve Amendment of the VEBA Welfare Benefits Plan & Trust Adoption Agreement (Allocated Accounts)
Amendment to the VEBA Plan document
15.Appoint Interim Superintendent
Personnel Report - 12/14/2010
Position - Create Title I Child Care Assistant
17.Contract Bus Route Extension - Route #142
18.Information, Proposals or Comments from the Public
19.Committee Reports and Proposals from Board Members
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NOTE: Members of the audience may request to comment on non-agenda items only during the time provided on the Agenda. Requests from the audience to comment on Agenda items may be made when that particular agenda item is being considered by the Board after Board members have discussed the item. There is a three-minute time limit for each speaker (as per Board action on 5/26/92).