Utilities Service Board Room
City of Bloomington Utilities Department Administrative Building
600 E. Miller Dr.
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

Tom Swafford, President
Julie Roberts, Vice President
Jeff Ehman
Sam Frank
John Whikehart
Pedro Roman
Jason Banach
Tim Mayer, ex-officio
Tom Micuda, ex-officio

August 15, 2011
5:00 P.M. Regular Meeting

I. Call to order

II. Approval of the minutes of previous meeting (August 1st)

III. Approval of the claims

IV. Request for approval of the Collection Services Agreement with Vituoso Sourcing Group, LLC Michael Horstman

V. Request for approval of the Industrial Waste Pretreatment Permit for All Source Packaging Group John Langley

VI. Old business

VII. New business

VIII. Subcommittee reports

IX. Staff reports

X. Petitions and communications*

XI. Adjournment

* Brief public comment will be limited to 5 minutes per person.